Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing in El Cajon CA

A metal roof is becoming more popular with homeowners for a number of reasons.

The metal roof cost is more expensive than a standard asphalt roof, but there are advantages in the quality of the construction and long-term financial advantages that make a metal roof worth considering.

Among the choices for a metal roof, copper roofing is highly resistant to the weather and requires no additional care such as painting or finishing.

If your roof has a unique shape, choosing a copper roof may be desirable as the natural qualities of copper make it easy to bend or shape around structures.

When looking at the long-term financial advantages of a metal roof, insurance companies often give discounts for metal roofs, while saving on energy costs can be as much as 40 percent a year. In most cases, the increased resale value of your home will recoup the money spent on replacement.

Metal Roof Painting Options:

There are a number of pain options available, depending on your particular needs and environment. Buying a higher quality and more expensive paint can save you money in the long term, as the need for repainting will be minimized.

One modern choice is rubberized paint, This type of paint is a liquid rubber that has excellent adhesion properties and is ideal for extremely wet environments.

It can also be used on existing tar roof systems as it can flow into cracks and create a rubberized seal.

In hot climates, rubberized paint stretches and expands, reducing the possibility of shingles becoming cracked.

It has properties that allow it to expand up to 1000% of the surface it is painted on.